Tips For Making It Through The CrossFit Open Injury Free

The CrossFit Open kicks off tomorrow night. If you are new to the Open or have forgotten many of these workouts that have become legendary for making people’s low backs, quads or shoulders miserably sore for weeks after. So this week I wanted to share my tips for thriving in the CrossFit Open without getting […]


Everything You Need To Know About CBD

CBD is the rage right now. I have been getting a ton of questions about it in both the clinic and the gym. I have also been hearing lots of questionable statements about the effects of CBD, so this week I wanted to give you the skinny on the other 3 letter cannabis plant product. […]

healing timeline

How Long Will It Be Before I Can Get Back To Normal Activity?

2 weeks ago I spent a bit of time talking about why you can still train while you’re injured and then last week defended the idea that injuries can actually be an opportunity to improve while on the the mend. That still doesn’t answer the main question I get at ASR: “How long with this […]


CrutchFit: How Injuries Can Actually Be An Opportunity

Last week I made the case that injuries aren’t excuses to to quit training. This week I am going to prove that injuries are actually just an opportunity to get better in specific area. To validate my point I am going to use the case study of my friend and patient Mike Cotter. Mike is a 50 year old CrossFitting, distance […]

Training While Injured or In Pain

If you are an active person at some point you are going to deal with something that causes you pain. However this does not mean you necessarily need to take time off training. With the right tweaks to your programming you can continue training through an injury without making it worse, and potentially even help […]

Soft Tissue Mobilization vs. Massage

A question I get a lot is “what is the difference between the soft tissue mobilization techniques you employ and what a massage therapist does?” Here is the answer: Massage is defined as the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints by the hands especially to relieve tension or relax. Soft tissue mobilization is a […]

recovery blog post

What Is Recovery And Why Is It Important?

The theory behind training and recovery boils down to this: you stress your body and it responds by fortifying its resources to better handle the stress. You put strain on your muscles by lifting weights, but your body fixes the minor damage by reinforcing the muscle fiber to be stronger. How quickly your body rebounds […]

soft tissue work

The Importance Of Regular Soft Tissue Work

If you train or workout regularly, you may think you have everything (physically speaking) in your life dialed in. But there is something you need to be doing often that will improve strength, increase fat loss, increase conditioning levels and help with your overall health and well-being. Soft tissue work. — Just a few definitions before […]

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Why Are You In Pain? Acute vs. Repetitive Strain Injuries & How To Fix

Why does your knee always hurt after you run? Why does your shoulder get a little cranky after doing pull-ups? Are these aches and pains signs of an injury? If your pain problems fall in-line with those that I mentioned about, you most likely do not have an acute injury. An acute injury is getting […]

lower back pain deadlifting

How To Fix Lower Back Pain From Deadlifting

If you are a CrossFitter, then you probably have woken up the day after doing Diane (21-15-9 Deadlift & HSPU) or any workout with higher volume (rep) lower body pulling movements (snatch, clean..etcO and had your lower back so stiff that you could barely move. This pain can be absolutely life wrecking. This can limit […]


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