Dr. Amanda Smith

Dr. Amanda Smith joins the Atlanta Sports Recovery team

Hi, Johnny here. I am so excited! I have just won the lottery… Of humans, that is. Last month my buddy George from Storm Athletics introduced me to Dr. Amanda Smith. A Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician  over some beers at Little Cottage in Avondale. Amanda blew me away with her knowledge of neuroanatomy, treatment, and […]

How To Throwdown on Thanksgiving & Not Pay For It

I am a human who likes to put it to the screws of life. I like getting after everything that I do, whether it is working out or celebrating on Holiday. So naturally, I am not a big fan of the “just eat in moderation” on Thanksgiving. If I eat a meal that has enough […]

6 Ways Continue Training While Injured

  Key Points If you workout hard tweaks and minor injuries are inevitable You should not stop training if you are injured You should use the 6 strategies below to modify your training if you are injured Don’t lose hope if you are injured. You will heal and you will get back to where you […]

What Your Squat Says About Your Body

What Your Squat Says About Your Body Performing a proper squat requires significant mobility throughout the body. Still, the ability to move all the involved joints through their available ranges of motion does not necessarily ensure a perfect squat. The squat also requires considerable motor control, meaning that you must utilize your functional mobility through […]

Five Exercises Every Desk Bound Athlete Needs To Do

Key Points Sitting is terrible for you It should be a goal to move for 5 hours per day Sitting is inevitable and will cause musculoskeletal issues that limit your performance/cause injuries in the gym/sport Incorporate the 5 exercises below to help improve your performance, prevent injury and even reduce the risk of an early […]

The 5 Reasons You Get Injured Training or Competing

The number one question I get at Atlanta Sports Recovery is, “why did is this injury/pain happen.”   Over the last four years and 1,000+ cases, we have tracked the root cause of every issue that has come through the doors of ASR and been able to link them to one of five primary reasons. […]

3 Ways To Measure Your Recovery

If something is not observable, measurable, and repeatable, it is not scientific. For years recovery has been something that is sketchy science at best. Usually, people used the “how are you feeling surveys” to measure. Unfortunately, this produced poor results and often led to a bad outcome as feelings fluctuate rapidly and wildly based on […]

Recovery WOD Day 13 – Shoulder Opener

Get those shoulders opened up!!!

What Is Soft Tissue Treatment

In a nutshell, soft tissue therapy is remedial manual therapy on steroids. It is targeted clinical treatment. It is hands-on bodywork that can get you out of many kinds of painful episodes. Soft tissue therapy reduces tensile and compressive stress on your body and dramatically speeds up the healing process. ‘Soft tissue’ refers to the […]

What Does Foam Rolling and Lacrosse Ball Actually Do?

Last week I saw a post from a highly respected, well known doctor in the CrossFit space criticizing the value of foam rolling and self-myofascial release work. He claimed that there is no scientific evidence to validate the importance of soft tissue self-care. So this week, I am posting a retort based on the literature. […]


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