Treatment Sessions

First Appointment

  • One-On-One Session With Clinician
  • In Depth Assessment To Locate Root Cause
  • Manual Therapy To Stop Pain
  • One-on-One Corrective Exercise Training
  • Custom Corrective Exercise Program With App, Demo Videos & More
  • Movement Modification So You Can Train Through The Injury
  • Recovery Kit To Help With Homework

Follow Up Treatments

  • Re-checks To Mark Progress
  • Manual Therapy To Stop Pain
  • Corrective Exercise To Fix Problem

Sports Recovery Services

Sports Massage

$85 for 60 min.
  • 60 Minutes Sport Specific Massage
  • Range Of Motion Assessment To Locate Any Potential Issues
  • Full Body Stretch After Bodywork
  • Self Care Tips To Sustain The Gains From The Massage

Testimonials From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions