Atlatna Sports Recovery Pricing

Treatment Session

$75 45 minutes
  • One-On-One Session With Clinician
  • In Depth Assessment To Locate Root Cause
  • Manual Therapy To Stop Pain
  • One-on-One Corrective Exercise Training to Active Muscles & Integrate Them Into Your Movement Patterns
  • Custom Corrective Exercise Program With App, Demo Videos & More
  • Movement Modification So You Can Train Through The Injury
  • Recovery Kit To Help With Homework

Sports Massage

$85 60 Minutes
  • NMT To Kill Tigger Points
  • Deep Tissue Massage To Relieve Sorness
  • Full Body Stretch To Create More Range Of Motion
  • Reduce Risk Of Injury
  • Recover Faster For Your Next Event or Training Session

Performance Training

$60 45 minutes
  • Assessment To Establish Baseline and Identify Weaknesses
  • Periodized Strength Training For Your Sport
  • Metabolic Conditioning To Develop A Massive Engine To Dominate Your Sport
  • Mobility Work To Prevent Injuries
  • Custom Programming For Days You Aren't Training At ASR

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