3 ways to get more deep rest

3 Ways To Get Better Deep Sleep (Allowing For Better Recover_

Out of the four stages of sleep, the deep sleep stage is the most important for repairing your physical body. During deep sleep, your body releases growth hormones to build and repair muscles, bones, and tissue, and immune system functioning. (Patel et al., 2022). In an ideal world, you spend 25% of your sleep time there. […]

fix mobility

The Secret Sauce For Getting Better Mobility & Reducing Pain

  The video above is a (quick and thorough) look at the tremendous power of well-designed mobility work fueled by a detailed assessment. This week, I want to share the process that we use (taught in school and by mobility CE courses from SFMA, The Ready State, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine) so that anyone […]

dry january

What Is Your Plan When Dry January Ends?

I have worked in and in support of the fitness industry for the last 12 years. Over this decade, I have observed a classic pattern from many of my clients and friends I call “The Wet February Storm.” It goes like this… Many people get motivated to wipe away the sins of December with a […]

how to properly run up and down hills

How To Properly Run Up and Down Hills

How To Properly Run Up and Down Hills By Coach Johnny B (MS, CFL3, LMT)   Atlanta is the place where the players go to play. It’s also the land of heat, humidity, and HILLS! If you are a runner and do not know how to adjust your biomechanics to tackle the elevation correctly, you […]

Sit On Your Knees Mobility for Jiu-Jitsu

This week, we are sharing a mobility routine for all our jiu-jitsu friends who are having difficulty sitting on their knees. The ability to go heel to butt is essential for the sport; without it, your performance will suffer, and you will be dominated. If this is you, start this daily routine and overcome this […]

Fixing Tech Neck & Other Disease of Lack of Movement

Fixing Tech Neck & Other Disease of Lack of Movement By Johnny Bouchard (MS, CFL3, LMT) Humans are meant to move. Our bodies are brilliantly engineered to run, walk, carry, push, pull, squat, lunge, and rotate all at the same time. From a survival standpoint, these foundational movements are at the core of our existence. […]

yoga poses for runners

Must Do Yoga Poses For Runners

Thirteen Must Do Yoga Poses For Runners by Coach Johnny B (MS, CFL3, LMT) Ten years ago, I would’ve never written this. I used to think Yoga was BS. I believed that targeted mobility work and full range of motion strength was all one needed to be bendy. Why? Because to own a position, you […]

Manual Therapy

What Is Manual Therapy & How It Helps You Be A Better Athlete

The phrase manual therapy stems from the Latin word manus, which means hand. So anytime someone uses a hand to do something that reduces pain or increases mobility, it’s technically manual therapy. So yeah, when your partner digs their thumb into that knot in your shoulder to mess with you, it’s manual therapy (technically trigger […]

mobility workshop

Squat and Shoulder Mobility Assessment and Exercises

Below is a virtual version of a squat and overhead mobility workshop that we did with our friends at Decatur Strength and Conditioning. We started the workshop by doing two classic ASR mobility assessments. 1. Feet Together Knee Together Squat Assessment for pronation, ankle dorsiflexion, internal tibial rotation, knee flexion, and hip flexion. 2. Shin […]

Welcome Dr. Kristy Whyte, MD to the ASR Team!

We are beyond stoked to welcome the newest Atlanta Sports Recovery team member, Dr. Kristy Whyte, MD. Kristy is joining the team as our Supervising Physician and Performance MD, overseeing all of our athletic trainers (different from personal trainers) . She ensures we adhere to the highest possible standard of care and is our primary […]


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