Training While Injured or In Pain

If you are an active person at some point you are going to deal with something that causes you pain. However this does not mean you necessarily need to take time off training. With the right tweaks to your programming you can continue training through an injury without making it worse, and potentially even help yourself heal faster.

I take a ton of pride in my ability to keep injured athletes training hard even as they rehab. Above is an example of a modification to training to an athlete’s programming after determining they had  a case of medial epicondylitis (i.e. golfers elbow or elbow flexor tendonitis) caused by overuse. These customized tweaks allowed her to continue to work on improving her fitness while allowing her tissues to heal. (In some cases I can even modify your workouts to include your corrective exercises so you can get your rehab done while you are training. )

This is a service that is included with my appointments. If you have questions about what do a specific pain causing syndrome please reach out to [email protected]. I’d love to help.

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