How To Make Your Body Anti-Fragile

How To Make Your Body Anti-Fragile by Johnny Bouchard (CFL3, MS, LMT) Fragile things break when put under stress. Anti-fragile things benefit from volatility and shock. Trauma makes anti-fragile things more resilient and more capable. An excellent example of something anti-fragile is the mythical greek Hydra—the many-headed serpent who would grow two heads for everyone […]

Are Weak Adductors Limiting Your Running?

  The inner thigh muscles (hip adductors) for are vital muscles for runners. If your adductors are weak and tight, they can cause knee, low-back, and hip pain and MAKE YOU SLOW. Mobilizing and strengthening your adductors can help cure these pains and make you a faster runner. Check the video out for a test […]

get more deep rest

3 Ways To Get More Deep Rest

Article written by Johnny Bouchard (MS, CFL3, LMT) Out of the four stages of sleep, the deep sleep stage is the most important for repairing your physical body. During deep sleep, your body releases growth hormones to build and repair muscles, bones, and tissue, and immune system functioning. (Patel et al., 2022). In an ideal world, […]

Golfer's Elbow

6 Rules to Fixing Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow

First, we called it tendinitis, then tendinosis, and now tendinopathy. We also called it Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, or medial or lateral tendinopathy or tendinitis.  First, you were told to stretch and ice. Then it changed to strengthen with weird gadgets like this. With conflicting research and messaging from people like us, it can be […]

why we crave foods

Why Humans Crave Chocolate and Wine

Did you know the reason we taste and crave things is actually a function of our physiology and evolution? Each of the five tastes gives your brain important information about what nutrients the food has to offer, as well as whether the food you’re tasting is good or bad for you. Sweet foods tell your brain […]

advanced metabolic report

Inside Look at PNOE Advanced Metabolic Analysis Report

Atlanta Sports Recovery is the only non-university in Atlanta with the capabilities to do advanced metabolic analysis and fitness testing via our PNOE system. Unless you are a nerd (like me), you probably have no clue what an Advanced Metabolic Rate analysis is or why it would benefit you. So this week, I thought it […]

How Massage Can Fix Headaches

How Massage Can Fix Headaches By Christen Orr, LMT Headaches are a pain in the neck and maybe in the shoulders, the face, the eyes, the jaw, the throat, and the stomach. Although most headaches are not life-threatening, Atlanta Sports Recovery takes them seriously. An individual’s ability to perform at work or school, participate in […]

The Benefits of Pre & Post Race Sports Massage

It’s no coincidence that every year there are more massage tables and massage therapists stationed at large races like the Publix Atlanta Marathon. We have moved far beyond massage therapy being perceived as a luxury. Here we are with a decade’s worth of research and evidence-based practices that have proven the efficacy of massage on […]

Why Movement Form Matters

Why Form/Mechanics Matter So Much

Imagine if you had to wait for your car’s engine to blow up before you knew to add oil. Absurd right? We’d all be in a new car every year. Unfortunately, this is the same paradigm we use for sports injuries. We wait for something to go horribly wrong and expect a medical professional to […]


Attacking Your Weaknesses In 2022

One of the great things about training hard is that it exposes weaknesses. Always avoid the 5k run, but love running 10 miles? You probably need to work on diet and max effort work. Crush the bodyweight workouts, but avoid heavy barbells? You need to get stronger—all relatively straightforward. But today, I want you to […]


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