Atlanta Sports Recovery is the only non-university in Atlanta with the capabilities to do advanced metabolic analysis and fitness testing via our PNOE system.

Unless you are a nerd (like me), you probably have no clue what an Advanced Metabolic Rate analysis is or why it would benefit you.

So this week, I thought it would be fun to share my report with you all and do a little breakdown of each data point and why it’s essential knowledge, and then how I am going to use it to make tweaks to my movement, nutrition, sleep and stress management habits.

BefoInside Look at Johnny’s Advanced Metabolic Analysisre we jump, here is what an Advanced Metabolic Rate analysis is:

  1. You wear a mask and an HR monitor.
  2. Chill on a couch for 10:00 and breath
  3. During that 10:00, the computer you are attached to analyzes thousands of aspects of your breath to spit out a report that gives us stats on nine critical health biomarkers. It also provides a very accurate caloric intake prescription and macronutrient ratio (Your doctor or nutritionist is guesstimating this if they are not using a device like this, which is not valid).

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