Below is a virtual version of a squat and overhead mobility workshop that we did with our friends at Decatur Strength and Conditioning.

We started the workshop by doing two classic ASR mobility assessments.

1. Feet Together Knee Together Squat Assessment for pronation, ankle dorsiflexion, internal tibial rotation, knee flexion, and hip flexion.

2. Shin Box Mobility Assessment to assess hip internal and external rotation as well as hip abduction and adduction.

After that, we did the following mobilizations and stretches

  1. Glute Mobilization with LAX Ball
  2. Hamstring Mobilization with LAX Ball
  3. Quad Mobilization with LAX Ball
  4. 90/90 Hip Mobility Sequence (Kinstretch variation)
  5. 1/2 Kneeling Adductor Mobilization (video by my good friend Zach @thebarbellphysio)
  6. Couch Stretch

We then re-tested the assessments to measure the efficacy of the mobility work.

Then we moved into the dreaded overhead mobility section. We kicked that off using our Overhead Mobility Assessment (pictured above) which checks for shoulder, scapular, and thoracic mobility.


Then we took that data and used the following mobilizations and stretches to improve positions.

  1. Levator Scap Mobilization with LAX Ball
  2. Partner Subscap Mobilization
  3. Bench Thoracic Mobilization
  4. Rack or Prone Lift Offs with 3 count hold

We finished the workshop by re-assessing for progress and popping corks!

If you couldn’t make it out, check out these assessments and exercises and see how much they can open you up and get you moving better.
P.S. Email us if you ever want to host a workshop at your office, business, gym, or club. We love doing them and can customize them based on the activity (office athlete vs. CrossFit athlete). We also can work with H.R. teams to show them how to implement movement and mobility routines into the workspace, which can save insane money on health insurance premiums due to the ability to prevent overuse injuries like carpal tunnel and sciatica.

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