Attacking Your Weaknesses In 2022

One of the great things about training hard is that it exposes weaknesses. Always avoid the 5k run, but love running 10 miles? You probably need to work on diet and max effort work. Crush the bodyweight workouts, but avoid heavy barbells? You need to get stronger—all relatively straightforward.

But today, I want you to use a different self-analysis system for identifying goals. What movements do you avoid because you are afraid because it causes or did cause pain? 

For me, it’s a full range of motion back squat. I hate them. I have for a long time. I hurt my back ego lifting in 2012, and ever since then, I have used a box to modify or reduced the range of motion.

The modifications have helped maintain leg strength without hurting my back, BUT there is still a massive hole in my humanness. I should be able to put a load on my back and squat ass to grass without thinking twice.

So this year, I am attacking it. It will be a tedious process with lots of rehab lifting. It won’t always be fun, and I will have no sexy post for Instagram at the end of the year. I will be a more functional human.

So friends, what are your weaknesses? Do you always row on the run day because of knee pain? Think deadlifts are dumb because it hurts your back? Always quote science that says running is bad for knees because it’s been bad for YOUR knees?

If you do, I challenge you to acknowledge those weaknesses and attack them. Don’t let 2022 end with the same problems that plagued you the months or years before. Don’t have a hole in your humanness.

If you need help with a plan/motivation/guidance to fix these issues. I am here to be your sherpa through these problems. Book an appointment here.

Johnny B (MS, CFL3, LMT)

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