yoga poses for runners

Must Do Yoga Poses For Runners

Thirteen Must Do Yoga Poses For Runners by Coach Johnny B (MS, CFL3, LMT) Ten years ago, I would’ve never written this. I used to think Yoga was BS. I believed that targeted mobility work and full range of motion strength was all one needed to be bendy. Why? Because to own a position, you […]

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Do You Have Runner’s Knee?

Do You Have Runner’s Knee? “Runner’s knee” refers to one of two common1 repetitive strain injuries of the knee, either iliotibial band syndrome (knee pain on the outside) or patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain on the front of the cap). Both conditions are common in runners, CrossFitters, triathletes, hikers, soccer players, and serious walkers. Unfortunately, they

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30 Day Holiday Recovery Challenge

2020 was a helluva a year. So it’s completely understandable that most of us let ourselves go during the holidays. That being said, the holidays are over, and it’s time to get right. That is why ASR is doing the 30 Day Holiday Recovery Challenge. The 30 Day Holiday Recovery Challenge is a chance to

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Coffee & Protein Pudding

Ingredients 2 ripe bananas (not frozen) 2 scoops Whey Protein 1 cup cold brew coffee (more might be required to get the right consistency) Instructions In a food processor or blender, add banana, protein powder, and half of the coffee. Blend until combined. The consistency should become thick but smooth, so add more water if

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Sweet Potato Moussaka

Servings/Macros Recipe makes 4 serving and there are 30g carbs, 30g protein and 9g fat per serving Ingredients 60 g onion, diced 300 g eggplant, chopped into small cubes 450 g / 1 lb sweet potato (boil and mash) 450 g / 1 lb lean ground beef; we used 93% lean 1 tbsp Greek spice

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