2020 was a helluva a year. So it’s completely understandable that most of us let ourselves go during the holidays. That being said, the holidays are over, and it’s time to get right. That is why ASR is doing the 30 Day Holiday Recovery Challenge.

The 30 Day Holiday Recovery Challenge is a chance to hit the reset button and get your body right after a month (or more) of abuse. The challenge has five daily components. For each element you complete, you will earn points.

The five elements are Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Stress Management, and Soft Tissue Recovery. Below is a break down of what you must do to earn points.

1. Sleep (0-8 points): You must sleep 7-8 hours and track via a device like a Garmin, Apple Watch, etc. Also, no devices 30 minutes before going to bed.

2. Nutrition (0-6 points): For the next 30 days, you can only eat using the following guidelines. We will provide weekly recipe ideas to help you along.

Meat: fish, chicken breast, grass-fed beef (yeah, it matters) — no pork, no fatty cuts

Fruit & Veggies: Eat as much salad and veggies as you want

Starches: Sweet potatoes are ok, brown rice and quinoa are ok — no pasta, no white potatoes
Nuts – 1/4 cup per day

Sugar – No processed/refined sugars. No teaspoon in your coffee. No soda.

Alcohol – 7 drinks per week (7x 4.5 ounces of wine, 7x 12-ounce beers, 7x 1 ounce pours of liquor)

3. Movement (4 points) – You must move every day for 30 minutes. It can be a walk. It can be a run. It can be a high-intensity workout at a place like Decatur Strength & Conditioning, Terminus Strength and Conditioning, or CrossFit Liminal. We will supply weekly home workout ideas you can do with no equipment if you are not back at the gym and don’t want to run in the cold. If you already work out every day, we challenge you to add an extra run, bike, row, or swim in 3-4 days per week.

4. Soft Tissue Recovery (3 points) – do our daily RecoveryWOD. It takes 5 minutes, ensuring you avoid things like tendonitis or bursitis with all the extra movement you are doing.

5. Stress Management (3 points) – Each day, you have to take 10 “quiet” minutes for yourself with no devices, activities, or other humans. You can do breathwork, meditate, read or stare at a wall. The point is that you give your brain 10 minutes to un-hook from our stressful world.

Doing all of this is going to force you to put your health first. It will be hard, and it will be disruptive to all the bad habits you gained in 2020. If you are willing to accept this challenge, join us here.

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