As a collective, we have become much more adept and informed about how to take care of ourselves. How can we not? We are fortunate to have access to the most innovative information through a conglomerate of industry-leading sources here at The Ready State. Want to simplify nutrition? Take the 800-gram challenge and don’t eat cookies before bed. What about sleep? Such a hot topic these days and here’s how to optimize it. Have a hot and inflamed joint? Don’t use ice, unless of course, you’re seeking the real power of cold therapy.

But somehow, with all of the information that is right in the palm of our hands, there’s still quite a number of us out there that believe stretching or Yoga is the same as Mobility.

SPOILER ALERT WARNING: It certainly is Not!

So, if I haven’t totally turned you off yet, give me more time as I channel my inner Ricky Gervais and give you my reasons why Mobility is Better than Stretching (aka – Yoga).

Mobility v. yoga meme

Mobility mo·​bil·​i·​ty | \ mō-ˈbi-lə-tē 

The ability to move into normative end range positions and actively engage the surrounding muscles to stabilize and generate force throughout a desired motion(s).


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