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About V02 Max Testing

VO2 Testing & Anaerobic Threshold Testing in Atlanta at Atlanta Sports Recovery


A Million Dollar Assessment

Atlanta Sports Recovery is one of the only places in the south to access the PNOĒ metabolic analysis system. The PNOE brings you the level of personalization in nutrition and workout that was previously only available to Olympians.

By analyzing 12 biomarkers in your breath, PNOĒ measures your heart, lung, and cellular fitness, how "fast" your metabolism is, your fat-burning efficiency, and how your breath affects your posture and brain. All with clinical-grade accuracy.

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How This Data Is Applies

• Spot the limiting factors in your performance.

• Help you develop a mental link between your physical feelings (I want to puke( and the actual limiting factor(s) at play (Lactate Threshold, etc).

•Perform guided sessions and track how their organs perform under different exercise conditions.

•Get your V02Max and Resting Metabolic Rate to accurately understand how to get the most out of your workout, burn fat & decrease fatigue.


Only 10 tests available per month

These tests last 60+ minutes. Come prepared to run.


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