Become A Bulletproof Runner

About Our Running Evaluation Service

Our running evaluation is designed to identify the factors holding back your performance and/or resulting in overuse injuries. A comprehensive gait analysis plus a deep dive into your bodies mobility and capacity to identify imbalances that might be holding you back..

running gait analysis

What Does Our Running Evaluation Look Like?

From casual joggers to serious ultra-marathoners – you can improve your efficiency and avoid injury through our Bulletproof Runner program.

Our process begins with a thorough history of your health, training history, and goals. Then, we do a biomechanics assessment of running your gait. Our last step is to do a deep dive screen of your body’s mobility and capacity to find any underlying imbalances that might be causing injury or slowing you down.

After the assessment, you will receive:

  • Review of your training history and goals
  • A thorough orthopedic examination
  • Video analysis of your running mechanics
  • A deep dive mobility and capacity screen
  • A personalized strength, mobility and running program to help you accomplish your goals or get you back to running if you are in pain!
  • A guide to buying the correct running shoes



Video breakdown of running gait, mobility and muscle balance assessment, custom program, how to buy running shoes guide. Session lasts 90 minutes.


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