Last Sunday night, I barely slept. I laid awake, pondering, “should I keep ASR open?” I eventually fell asleep writing the “we’re closed email”. On Monday morning, I woke up and had a text from my friend Erica. She asked if I could see her neighbor. He had thrown his back out and was in so much pain he couldn’t sit or stand and his doctor couldn’t see him for a week. I asked the proper screening questions and then obliged.

This poor guy could barely walk into the office, BUT after an hour of manual therapy, he was much better. He walked out and could go back to doing his job as a online school teacher.

I still planned on closing, but before I could finish the email, I got another text from a friend asking if I could check his daughter’s ankle. She had rolled it playing a game called quarantine ball. They tried urgent care, but there was a 6-hour wait and just wanted to know if it could potentially be a bone break. Both Aleigh and I have the orthopedic assessment skills to rule in or out bone breaks and we have 2 medical devices in our office that can further help us know the nature of the injury. So I saw them. It wasn’t broken. I taught them the proper protocol for dealing with a sprain and sent them home.

At this point, POTUS was giving his briefing on his 15-day plan to slow COVIID. In it, he specifically said, “critical infrastructure workers like healthcare had a special responsibility to go to work.” Afterward, I realized that’s us.

Is fixing running mechanics or improving shoulder mobility critical? Of course not. That can be done online via telehealth or it can wait, but our skillset to assess and treat common painful conditions is crucial to the greater Atlanta area. It’s our role to take on things non-life threatening musculoskeletal issues that would typically end up the doctors waiting room while they are busy dealing with COVIID.

So yes, friends, we’re still open. The non-necessary stuff like hip pain during running is now an online appointment, but if you or your loved ones are in real-deal life-altering pain that’s preventing you from functioning as a human, we’re here and ready to help. If money is tight we’ll work with you. If you need us text us at (678) 774-9773.

We still want to remind you that if you feel sick, don’t call us. Call your primary care doctor and get instructions on where to get tested.

Our Cleanliness Standards at ASR

Here are the things that we always do to prevent the transmission of infectious disease in our clinic:

  1. Use the same germicide hospitals do to clean our equipment, furniture, and tables after every appointment.
  2. Wash our hands and arms before and after every appointment
  3. Change linens (towels, table liners..etc) for every patient
  4. Each client gets their own set of stim pads
  5. Abide by all State of Georgia and Federal medical facility cleanliness regulations
  6. Our team members are always clean and fever checked. Based on the research coming out a China a fever is the best indicator, so everyday everyone’s temperature is checked before coming into work.

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