Daily Recovery WOD

Each day we post a 5-10 minute soft tissue recovery workout of the day. Follow along to keep your body moving like it was meant to.

Day 4 – Posterior Shoulder

Today we are going to tackle the structures on the back your shoulder. If you get pain while snatching, playing tennis or throwing then this is your jam!  

Day 3 – Glute Max and High Hamstring Recovery

On day #3 of 365 we bring some tips and tricks for cleaning up the big hip extensors.

Day 2 – Low Back Recovery

On day #2 out of 365 we tackle a couple of trigger points that will refer pain into your low back.

Day 1 – Hip Flexors

Day 1 of 365 days of soft tissue recovery. We are working the hip flexors today. If you sit at a desk you need this one!