Daily Recovery WOD

Each day we post a 5-10 minute soft tissue recovery workout of the day. Follow along to keep your body moving like it was meant to.

Recovery WOD Day 16 – The Forgotten Shoulder Muscles

Recovery WOD Day 14 – Hip Stretching

Here is a great way to open up your hips!!!

Recovery WOD Day 12 – El Doa L5 S1

Great stretch if you have low back pain!!!

Recovery WOD Day 11 – Psoas El Doa Stretch


Day 10 – Smash Your Guts!!!

Today we are mobilizing the 2nd largest muscle in your body, the diaphragm. Be careful with this, stay away from your sternum area.

Day 9 – Biceps & Forearm Recovery

The snow angel of death, your biceps and more!!!

Day 8 – Quad Recovery

Got sore quads? Not after today’s recovery session.

Day 7 – Anterior Lower Leg Recovery

Today we are chasing the muscles in our anterior lower leg. If you are a runner or jump rope a bunch you need these mobilizations in your life!!!

Day 5 – Neck

Today we are attacking some structures in our next and base of the skull.

Day 6 – Back of the Calf Recovery

Today we are attacking some structures that get jacked up when you run. The posterior tib and gastroc.