Recovery Sessions

+Decrease Soreness

+Increase Healing Rate

+Reduce Inflammation


About Recovery Sessions

Train Hard, Recover Easy

ASR's Recovery Sessions utilize state-of-the art recovery tools and clinical expertise for you to rest, recover and rebuild. Recovery Sessions are ran by a licensed recovery specialists who will design and implement the perfect recovery session for you based on your needs.

Each Recovery Session last 30 minutes and includes:

  • Normatec Compression Boots
  • Medical Cold Laser Therapy on sore tissues and trigger points
  • Hypervolt Vibration Release work
  • MarcPro Electric Stimulation

The ASR private recovery room has a TV, recovery beverages and Wifi for your convenience.


$35 per Session

“Training is about testing the limits. You work your body to a breaking point, then step away from the brink, RECOVER let the work absorb, and repeat.”

― Rountree Sage

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