Johnny here.
I am so excited! I have just won the lottery…
Of humans, that is.

Last month my buddy George from Storm Athletics introduced me to Dr. Amanda Smith. A Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician  over some beers at Little Cottage in Avondale.

Amanda blew me away with her knowledge of neuroanatomy, treatment, and human performance during our hang. She also regaled me with tales of being a professional cyclist, which exploded my brain through the back of my skull.

However, one thing stood out to me: Amanda said, “I only adjust when the problem needs an adjustment.” You see, my friends, my #1 pet peeve in the world is when business dictates people’s health care, and there is a practice in the many medical communities where providers try to AMRAP patients. It’s common practice for chiropractors to adjust a person every 5 minutes or only get to see your doctor for 6 minutes to get medicine that masks a symptom and doesn’t fix the problem. It’s not good care, and it’s the reason that many treatment plans fail.

Intelligent and caring enough to dig into the weeds of a problem and figure out the right solution for individuals’ unique issues. Those are the kind of people that embody what we do at ASR. Those are the people I have to have on my team.

Today I have won the human lottery because I am proud to announce that Dr. Amanda Smith will be joining the Atlanta Sports Recovery Team of Providers.

Amanda will be here on Wednesdays starting January 5, 2021, from noon to -7pm. As her schedule fills up, we will offer more availability.

Dr. Smith can treat ANY problem you have, ranging from concussions to rolled ankles. She is one of the few people on the planet certified in Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, Cupping, Adjusting, Neurological Rehab, Nutrition, and Performance Program Design.

Oh, and she is a professional cyclist and high level runner in her spare time. So she knows her way around some performance optimization strategies.

If you have issues, or need help getting to the next level get on her schedule now. It’s going to get full fast.

$125 for initial evaluation & treatment
$79 for follow-ups

Read Amanda’s full bio here.

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