Healthy Loco Moco

Ingredients 1lb of Beef Tips 1 bag of froze cauliflower rice 1 pack of brown gravy pineapple sliced salt n pepper Directions Thoroughly salt and pepper the beef tips Place 1 TBSP olive oil in a pan Heat pan over medium high heat Place beef tips in pan and sear for 2-3 minutes (until brown)…

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Healthy Poulet Rôti

Ingredients  2 to 3 cups roughly chopped assorted root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, potatoes)  2 medium yellow onions, thickly sliced  2 tablespoons olive oil  2 small lemons, preferably organic, zest grated from 1  6 sprigs fresh thyme  2 teaspoons flaky sea salt  1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper  One (3-pound) whole fryer chicken  2 cloves garlic,…

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Does Your Butt Wink When You Squat?

butt wink squat

Fixing The Butt Wink Squat While it might seem cute that their butt is giving you a little wink at the bottom it’s actually an a dreaded squat fault called the Butt Wink or pelvic reversal and when you do it during a loaded squat it can be super dangerous for your low back. So why does…

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How To Keep Your Back Safe During Deadlifts

Does your back hurt so bad after deadlifting heavy that you can barely stand up straight? Do you worry about orthopedic safety during CrossFit? If you answered yes, then you need this email. This week I teach you the most critical skill of all: how to brace your spine under load. If you aren’t doing…

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Post CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 Self Care Tips

20.1 is such a simple little couplet. Just 10 rounds of 8 (light) Ground to Overhead & 10 Bar Facing Burpees . How can it hurt so bad? How can all that up and down make me want to vomit so much? That is the brilliance of Dave Castro. He always finds away to make…

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Tips For Making It Through The CrossFit Open Injury Free

The CrossFit Open kicks off tomorrow night. If you are new to the Open or have forgotten many of these workouts that have become legendary for making people’s low backs, quads or shoulders miserably sore for weeks after. So this week I wanted to share my tips for thriving in the CrossFit Open without getting…

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Everything You Need To Know About CBD


CBD is the rage right now. I have been getting a ton of questions about it in both the clinic and the gym. I have also been hearing lots of questionable statements about the effects of CBD, so this week I wanted to give you the skinny on the other 3 letter cannabis plant product.…

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How Long Will It Be Before I Can Get Back To Normal Activity?

healing timeline

2 weeks ago I spent a bit of time talking about why you can still train while you’re injured and then last week defended the idea that injuries can actually be an opportunity to improve while on the the mend. That still doesn’t answer the main question I get at ASR: “How long with this…

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CrutchFit: How Injuries Can Actually Be An Opportunity


Last week I made the case that injuries aren’t excuses to to quit training. This week I am going to prove that injuries are actually just an opportunity to get better in specific area. To validate my point I am going to use the case study of my friend and patient Mike Cotter. Mike is a 50 year old CrossFitting, distance…

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Training While Injured or In Pain

If you are an active person at some point you are going to deal with something that causes you pain. However this does not mean you necessarily need to take time off training. With the right tweaks to your programming you can continue training through an injury without making it worse, and potentially even help…

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